About Liu Men

Selamat Datang Ke Liu Men

Years before the war in Malaysia, in Jalan Tokong, six shop-houses stood where different families resided. Sometime before 1939, these six families left and these different shop-houses were lovingly renovated and transformed into a new home for a single family. Fast forward to now in the 21st century, the pre war structure is given a new life, and we now proudly call it Liu Men.

Liu Men, or “six doors” holds a special meaning to us. Six, or (六, LIÙ), is an auspicious number and as we believe on the authenticity of the locale, this is one of the inspirations behind the name.

What is celebrated in Liu Men is a celebration of cultures where we find the perfect harmony of East and West. Throughout the interior of Liu Men, the 1930s colonial art deco influences can be seen with its geometric shapes, that have not only been introduced, but embraced. These bold shapes are added with a distinctly Eastern twist of the vibrant reds symbolising joy or luck in playful chaos, all play a part in what we identify with in the Chinese Peranakan culture, that is centered around the families and their neighbors. Invited in with open arms, our guests are treated with honour and warmth that a family member would be.

From the prominent art deco influences to the splashes of vibrant colour, all are a part of the unique culture that is held dear in Liu Men. We invite you to come in through these six doors, we welcome you to our family, to our home.

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