Experience a memorable stay at the alluring Maison Aurelia, a unique oasis of Balinese charms in the peaceful and romantic backdrop of Sanur. This boutique hotel is the embodiment of passion, art and exquisite with a touch of colonial elegance. Escape to into the tropical haven of refreshing beaches, cultural attractions as well as streets of nightlife and local artisans.


Experience a delightful escape in a spacious 36sqm elegance with all superb amenities of Camellia Room and more.

Facilities: Additional complimentary daily newspaper, compact working space and extra plush add-ons for your personal grooming

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Step into the elegant 54sqm connecting room & suite complete with all the delightful amenities of Magnolia Room in the oasis of discreet luxury & tranquility at the heart of Sanur – Bali.

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