About Us

Who are We?
Unity of Quality in Individual Diversity

Préférence Hotels is Tauzia label for luxury discreet charm and heritage hotels that offer subtle inspiration and unique experiences.

A unique array of deluxe hotels selected for their charm, originality and outstanding dedication to quality of service

What is A Label?
Préférence is defined as a Label. A label is the umbrella that covers the diversity of hotels that all share the same value. 


Each of the hotels under Préférence label will have their own identity, name and concept reflecting by The Cultural Heritage or History, The Natural Beauty of the Destination, The Unique Architecture or Interior Design.

What is Our Signature?

  • Préférence Icone is our Cultural Concierge whom guests would seek advice of finding the best must-to-go places around the hotels. Like rendezvous with your old closest friends, is how Préférence Icone delight our guests.
  • We are culturally driven, we want to enlighten our guests about the local culture that speaks the personality from the heart with Préférence Cultural Book. Our hope is to inspire our guests, to leave footprints in their journey.
  • A photograph is a story that we are not able to put into words. The importance of photographs and videographs set the tone to our hotels. Our signature style is soft contrast and bokeh lighting, we tell story to our guests.
  • Our Préférence Touch with our signature Spice and Wood scent, ambiance and amenities, we would like to pamper our guests with the finest quality and sincere service.