About Us

Préférence Luxury Hotels in Indonesia

With its renowned world class accommodations, Préférence Hotels offers a wide range of selections to suit your Préférence. Each of our unique luxury hotels in Indonesia is thoughtfully created to adapt to and enhance features of its surroundings, from modern architecture to heritage buildings.

The Préférence label’s, oak leaf and acorn, are a reflection of the values that drive our properties: natural elegance, nobility and ‘finesse’.


Preference Tagline


The uniqueness of Préférence is explored through the richness of the culture and local history, the elegance of the nature surroundings, and the refined extraordinary Architecture and Interior Design.


Préférence offers a genuine introduction to the local culture and local surroundings with unforgettable ambiance for a one-of-a-kind experience.


With their allure and elegance, our Kawan of Préférence will make everyone feel like they are being reunited with an old friend – like going back home.

Preference Brand of Hotels

Each of Preference hotels shall have its own identity and concept reflecting by the Cultural Heritage or History, the Natural Beauty of the Destination, and the Unique Architecture or Interior Design. Most importantly, it has to remain unique, coherent, and authentic.

Preference Brand Activation

Preference Hotels are culturally driven. We invite the guests to learn more about the culture and history of the destination. The journey of the guests doesn't stop at the hotel. It continues on. We compile stories or facts about the destination or the concept of the hotel into, what we call, the Preference Cultural Book. We don't just provide a memorable stay, but we left a cause in our guest's heart. 
A souvenir of their trip.

Cultural Concierge or Preference Icone

Like a rendezvous with your old closest friends, is how Preference delight our guests. We want to make our guests feel comfortable and easy without the difficulties of making itinerary or finding the cool spots of the destination. 
The Preference Icone is our Cultural Concierge whom guests would seek for advise of finding the best must-to-go places around the hotel.