Indica offers a variety of delicious cuisine from local dishes to Italian pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. All ingredients are locally sourced, offering the best fresh seasonal products.
Get your day started with our Tamarind signature blend of Kintamani coffee or be delighted by the taste of Indonesian sourced tea while enjoying the reflection of sunrise from the blue sea.
Sip one of our many refreshing and cooling specialty cocktails during the day. Sample our exotic beers and exclusive wines from the best vineyards around the globe as well as ultimate sundowners to accompany that happiest of hours. Dine by the pool or tucked away in one of the cozy corners.

Not only we delight you with amazing taste, Indica Restaurant also invites you to embark on a culinary journey with a half day cooking class. Discover the spiced flavors of Bali’s virtually unknown cuisine, be introduced to local ingredients, basic recipes, ancient cooking-methods and flavorful dishes. Classes offer a fascinating introduction into the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. Each class starts with an early morning visit to the local vegetable-market where many of Balinese daily-life ingredients are purchased fresh every day. Let our chef guide you through it all!

Visit us at Tamarind Resort – a boutique Nusa Lembongan Hotel.